The FREE Local Discount Card!
Your website is built around the "Local Discount Card" as the main promotional tool and selling point.  This card takes the place of coupons, and cardholders simply show the card to receive the advertised discounts.  It NEVER EXPIRES and there's no's FREE!

Mobile Discount Pages - Cardholders can even check the latest discounts from their mobile phone!  We have built in a mobile friendly version of the website so that your website visitors can browse your site "on the go"!  When a user visits your website from their mobile device, they are AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED to the mobile version of your website.  Wow!

Registered Members receive discount updates via email
When a cardholder registers on your website, they will have the option of receiving e-mail updates from you, or from any of your advertisers.   They'll be notified of the new discounts they can receive with their Discount Card!
Maps, Pictures, Videos, Restaurant Menus and more!
In addition to the incredible discounts Cardholders can receive...your website will also be a valuable source of information for each of your advertisers.  They each have a "Business Showcase", with a map to their business, website link, E-mail link, and detailed information about their business.  They can even have pictures, videos, menus, and more!
(See more about the Business Showcase below!)



Prospective advertisers will be amazed at how affordable it is to advertise on your website...especially when they see all of the incredible features, the Local Discount Card program, and the Business Showcase.  Between the features and the cost, the advertising almost sells itself!  Keep reading for details....
Your website is built around the "Local Discount Card" as the main promotional tool and selling point.  This card takes the place of coupons, and cardholders simply show the card to receive the advertised discounts.  The goal is to get 1000's of these FREE LOCAL DISCOUNT CARDS into the hands of as many local consumers as possible, creating a constant flow of hits to your website, and business for your advertisers. 

We have strategically partnered with a printer to have your custom designed Local Discount Cards delivered to your door at incredible prices.   You can choose how many "Local Discount Cards" you would like to receive upon your initial signup, and they will keep your artwork on file so reordering will be easy and hassle free.

We allow your advertisers to connect with local consumers like no other website in town!   Your advertisers receive their own FULL INTERACTIVE WEB PAGE that they can log into at any time, from any computer with internet access...and update their information, discounts, and more.  They even get their own opt-in mailing list and manager to stay in touch with their current and potential customers. 


Full Business Info:  Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail Link, Website Link at the top of their Business Showcase page.

The company's business Logo or Photo of their business.

An interactive Google map so customers can find them easily.

Full business description they can edit themselves using our easy WYSIWYG editor.  It's as easy as using Microsoft Word and allows the business to post any information they want about their business.  They can choose their own text fonts, sizes and colors, upload pictures & video of their business or products...Restaurants can even add their full menu here.  A full explanation and video tutorials are provided for them as well. 

Up to 3 Local Discount Card offers are available to each business.  These also appear in the form of coupons, just in case a local consumer doesn't yet have their "Local Discount Card".  They will also be included in the Mobile version or your website, for users "on the go"!

Their own individual Opt-In Mailing List, which allows website visits to "subscribe" to their updates...allowing them to stay in touch with both current and potential customers.  Third party services charge as much as $50/month for this service, but when they advertise with you they get it at NO EXTRA incredible selling point!


Make even more by offering Video Slideshows & Full Professional Websites with our Easy-to-Use Software and Tutorials:
Regardless of your experience, we will show you how you can easily create video slideshows for your clients, and even create a professional website for them if they don't have one!  That's right, we'll help you get into the website design and web video businesses.....and make even more money in the process.  Bundle these services with your advertising packages and become a FULL SERVICE MARKETING COMPANY for local businesses...and we guarantee you will be the most affordable in town!


Domain Name of your choice, Web Hosting, & E-mail Addresses all included
Choose any domain name you wish or use one you currently own.  We will also provide hosting for your website, with up to 5 e-mail addresses as well.

Custom logo designed for your city and domain
I personally design every website and logo to give each website a professional, look and feel that the people in your city or town will LOVE!

You Keep 100% of the Income from the website, and YOU set the pricing!
Set prices for both monthly and yearly payments.  Recurring income is the key to a successful business.  Sell just a couple of advertisements and you've paid for your investment!

Exclusive rights to your City...we only create one guide for each area.
You won't have to worry about competition as only creates one guide for each area....creating exclusive rights for each owner.

Risk Free!  Cancel at any time...No Contracts!
We aren't trying to hook you into a long term commitment.  We only succeed if you succeed, so if you decide this opportunity isn't right for you, you can cancel at any questions asked.

Easy to Use "Site Manager"....Manage all aspects of your website with ease!
Review, approve, & add new advertisers with just a few clicks.  Also, edit the pages on your website, manage your advertisers, and more...all with NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE!  We even have a BILLING MANAGER so you can track your members, payments, etc. 

Stay "In Touch" with visitors with the "Opt-In" Mailing List
Build a valuable contact list so you can stay in touch with your site visitors and discount card holders.  Send them email updates containing new businesses and discounts, updates, and more.

Easy to use "Account Manager" for your advertisers
Your members can edit their business info, savings card offers, business description, pictures, menus & more INSTANTLY with no programming experience!  This keeps website maintenance to an absolute minimum for you so you can concentrate on marketing....WOW! 

Accept subscription payments via Paypal or Credit Card
Your site is pre-programmed to accept Paypal payments and set up each advertiser on a subscription so their payments are automatically processed.  We also recommend as an affordable option for credit card processing and recurring payments, and we can install it for you if you so desire.

Add Additional Pages & Content
Easily create new pages using our exclusive WYSIWYG Editor.   Start a blog, post local pictures...use your imagination!  You can share anything you want with your website visitors with a few keystrokes and the click of a button!

Additional Tools so you can MAKE MORE MONEY! - In addition to the incredible advertising package you have to offer, we also give you the tools to create and sell additional "add on" features, such as a VIDEO CREATOR that allows you to insert pictures of a business into an interactive slideshow, complete with music and impressive transitions!  Easily charge $50-$100 extra to create this for a business and it plays right in their "Business Showcase"!   We also show you how you can create FULL, PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES for your advertisers who don't have one.  We'll help you become a FULL SERVICE WEB MARKETING BUSINESS!

Tech Support, Marketing Chats, Marketing Tool Downloads, & more....
We pride ourselves on having the best technical support of any business opportunity available today.  With fast response times for issues, our marketing chats to share ideas with other Discount Website Operators, and marketing tools.....we do our best to make sure you have a helping hand in getting your new business started and seeing it through until it becomes a successful, fun, and valuable source of recurring income for you.